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Consular legalization

Consular legalization

If you are going to move to another state for a permanent residence, to enter the university, to find a job abroad or to marry a foreigner, don’t omit one important moment – legalization of documents.

Legalization - is the process of authenticating or certifying a legal document so a foreign country's legal system will recognize it as with full legal effect.

There are two ways of legalization:

 Consular legalization is a more complicated way of legalization than Apostille. It includes:

  • Notarized translation.
  • To certify the notary’s signature in Ministry of Justice.
  • To certify the seal of Ministry of Justice and the signature of the authorized person in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.
  • To obtain consular certification in the embassy of a necessary country.

 The government of the Republic of Belarus has agreements with some countries about mutual pact that abandon the legalization. For instance, Minsk and Kishinev conventions, bilateral treaties.

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