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Notarized translation

Notarized translation

Notarized translation is considered to be official by state authorities of the Republic of Belarus and outside its national territory (in case the document was apostilled or legalized). 

Notarized translation is made only by translators with a degree in this field, listed on the register of translators. Each city of regional importance has such a register, therefore translations by Minsk specialists can be certified by notary offices of Minsk and Minsk Region. The same applies to other cities. Our company employs translators from English, German, Ukrainian, Swedish, French and other languages. 


Notarized translation of documents is obligatory for the following state authorities:

  • Citizenship and immigration department (passports, marriage certificates, etc.)
  • State Traffic Police (driving license, registration certificates, etc.)
  • Pension fund (employment record books, pension certificates)
  • Civil Registry Office (various acts of civil status)
  • Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange (stock exchange documents)
  • Courts, tax inspection authorities, customs office accept the documents affixed with the seal of the translation agency and also notarized translation (depending on the situation, which you have to clarify!)


Certified translation, made in Belarus, is valid in other countries. In some cases additional due legalization (apostilization) of the documents is required. Pay attention to the fact, that in case you are going to submit your translation, made in Belarus, abroad, you will, probably, need to additionally translate the text and/or apostille at the very end of the document. This procedure can be carried out only in the country, where you submit your documents

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