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5 reasons to visit Belarus

Reason 1. To see the unique architecture of Minsk

Minsk – is a city that combines both Soviet and European cultural features.  This city was completely destroyed during the World War II and then rebuilt again in the middle of 20th century. It embodied dreams about the bright communist future. Wide avenues, magnificent facades of houses, spacious squares…these townscapes heat the imagination  up to now.

Reason 2. To improve health at a low price

Belarus has long been popular as a great place for holidays and recreation. Belarus boasts: mild climate, beautiful nature and clean environment, well-equipped sanatoria and recreation centers, experienced medical professionals and healthcare personnel, highly-efficient treatment procedures

The price depends on the season, comfort level of the room, number of days of stay and a set of basic and additional services. The Belarusian sanatoria have a flexible discount system and last-minute offers. In 2015 one day cost about $26 for Belarusian citizens and about $32 for foreign citizens.

Health improvement in the Belarusian sanatoria can be combined with an excursion and entertainment program. Tourists who stay in the sanatoria are offered tours to famous sights of Belarus. It is also possible to visit theaters or participate in interesting and unusual festivals.

Reason 3. Enjoy the beauty of wild nature

Enjoy the trills of the nightingale after the noise of the metropolis. Breathe in deeply the clean air — no wonder Belarusian swamps are called the “lungs of Europe”. Walk barefoot on the green grass after the sizzling hot asphalt. Belarus is the perfect place to forget about work during your vacation and to get inspired for future achievements.

              Reason 4. To taste authentic national cuisine

Belarusian culinary traditions represent a mix of simple recipes used by commoners and a sophisticated cuisine of the nobility, an extensive use of local ingredients and unusual way of cooking. Old Belarusian recipes have survived to the present day, and the county’s visitors show an increased interest in them. The Belarusian cuisine is characterized by quite complicated and lengthy processing of products. The Belarusian cuisine offers a great variety of dishes made from vegetables. Many of them are unique despite the fact that they are based on traditional Slavonic recipes.

Reason 5. To see the ruins of ancient castles

No more expensive trips to Germany, France or England are needed to dive into a magnificent world of the Middle Ages. Instead you can make  a trip to any of the Belarusian castles. Among them are Nesvizh, Mir and Lida castles that restored and opened to visitors. There are also a lot of castle ruins in Belarus for those romantics and dreamers who avoid the traditional tourist trails.








Заказ обратного звонка

Five-day visa-free regime to enter into force in Belarus on 12 February 2017

Five-day visa-free regime to enter into force in Belarus on 12 February 2017

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