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National Art Museum of Belarus

This is the largest museum of an artistic profile and the cultural treasury of Belarus. There are more than 27 000 works in it. The museum makes researches, organizes the exhibitions of works of Belarusian and foreign artists, performs scientific and creative communication with foreign museums, gives lectures, conducts the excursions and provides the work of art class clubs. The museum has a library, a cinema club, a lectorium, a children's art studio and an art cafe.

Address: Lenina St., 20, Tel.: +375 17 227-71-63.

Working hours: from 11.00 to 19.00. Tuesday is the day off

Belarusian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War

The Great Patriotic War Museum in Minsk  is a unique museum in scope and completeness of the exposition dedicated to the history of the 2nd World War. Thirty rooms of the museum demonstrate an extensive collection of weapons, documents, photos and other exhibits of the war years. There are about 80 000 exhibits in total.

Address: Nezavisimosti ave, 25a, Tel.: +375 17 227-56-11.

Working hours 10.00-17.00.Monday is the day off.

National  Museum of History of Belarus

The museum collection has more than 300 000 museum exhibits, distributed over 48 collections: paintings, drawings, sculpture, decorative arts, documents, manuscripts, archeology, numismatics, precious metals and stones, treasures from the history of art objects, items of the mode of life, ethnography, photographs, and others. The chronological range of the collection covers the period from the primitive era to the present.

The address is  Karl Marx St., 12, Tel.: is +375 17 227-43-22, +375 17 227-48-27.

Working hours: 11.00-19.00. Monday is the day off.

Museum of the History of Minsk

This is a new museum, which started its work in Minsk in May 2010. The museum building is an architectural monument of the XIX century, located in the historical center on the territory of the Upper Town. At the heart of the museum there’s a collection of the archeological excavations in Minsk of XI - XIX centuries (ceramics, leather, bone, wood, metal, jewelry, numismatic items, etc.). The changeablethematic exhibitionsare organized here, including international ones, on the basis of the meetings of collectors, artists, photographers, various organizations and institutions.

The address is  Revolutsionnaya St. 10, Tel.: +37517 321-24-30.

Working hours: 11.00-19.00.  Monday and Tuesday are the days off.

Museum of ancient crafts and technologies "Dududki"

The country-house museum"Dudutki" is located on the picturesque riverside of Ptich. This is the place, where you can spend time in an original way and  plunge into the atmosphere of the XIX century of the Belarusian province, get acquainted with the way of  rural life, learn the meaning of folk traditions and secrets of ancient crafts.How to get there: the bus №323 Minsk - Dudutki arriving from the bus station "Vostochny".

The location: 40 km from Minsk (Slutsky highway), Tel.: +37517 133-07-47.

Working hours: Tue, Wed 10.00-17.00: Thu, Fri, Sat 10.00-18.00. Monday is  the day off.

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Five-day visa-free regime to enter into force in Belarus on 12 February 2017

Five-day visa-free regime to enter into force in Belarus on 12 February 2017

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