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Night Clubs


«Blackhall bar»  is a completely new format with an adherence to international standards. The best architects, designers, sculptors and craftsmen from abroad worked on its design. Absolutely all the parts are hand-made and that creates a unique interior that makes you blur the boundaries of the everydayvision. The use of advanced technologies in the field of entertainment, such as the Ibar, an interactive light system, LED screens, on the one hand, and the eternal elements of the luxury, the sculptures, thewaterfalls, on the other - allowed to create a unique atmosphere of BHB. Exclusively designed menus, company parties, live concerts, performances of world stars - this is only a small part of what the guests will get. Blackhall bar is designed to surprise.


The Theater- Karaoke BOGEMA is the biggest karaoke club in the CIS, awarded such honors as the best karaoke club in 2014, Karaoke Club №1 2013, the best opening of the Year 2011, and many others.
The song list contains everything that has been released to the world’s famous karaoke machines, and professional equipment and the most advanced acoustic speakers are installedfor the performance of the songs.

There’s no wonder BOGEMA called "Theatre-karaoke", because the troupeconsists of17 performers. This means that talented sound designers,performers and backing vocalists from all around the world will help you to make a performance. By the way, BOGEMA is the only club which has 2 orchestras. Anyone can sing a song on the big stage with live music! If you sing on stage for the first time, you can be sure you are to succeed for sure! Very often «Bogema» serves as a place for concerts of famous Belarusian and foreign artists. This is more than just a karaoke – that’s a tandem of taste, quality and unique style.


Dozari Club has an area of ​​1500m2, which allows you to accommodate more than 1,000 guests comfortably at a time. The club room consists of two floors and four zones: the restaurant, the bar, the dance floor and a seating area. With this lay-out, you can get what you want - a noisy crowd or just privacy.
A unique design was created specially for the club: a mixture of elegant Art Deco and Baroque luxury that distinguishes the club from all its competitors. A striking feature of the club is a dance floor in the form of a huge multimedia screen. In combination with the unique lighting solutions it allows  to quickly change the atmosphere and the interior of the club.
Dozari is the center of social and club life.


This is the place for the generation of successful, young and independent people, for those who can’t bear the counterfeiting, for those who bet on the very best. Next Club is harmoniously blended into the interior of the famous hotel Crowne Plaza, as well as in the developing, and, without doubt  European Minsk. Next club is a step forward in the development of the club life of the capital, a place for rest, free from prejudice.


Nightclub Blondes and Brunettes  offers its guests to enjoy the unique atmosphere of comfort and fun.
Blonde and Brunette Club you will surprise you with a luxury interior made in red colors, with stylish furniture and various items of decor.
There’s a catchy live music played in the club, the arranged fun show program with the contests, and the waiters who are happy to offer you delicious European cuisine, cooked in the best traditions of the Belarusian cuisine.
This is the most fashionable night club of the capital specially created for you to dance and have fun, to enjoy the beautiful music and a party.
Blondes and Brunettes Club can serve for business meetings and negotiations, private parties and corporate events, presentations and receptions.

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Five-day visa-free regime to enter into force in Belarus on 12 February 2017

Five-day visa-free regime to enter into force in Belarus on 12 February 2017

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