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Prosthetic dentistry

 Prosthetic dentistry is divided into two separate disciplines: orthodontics and implantology.
Orthodontics is a direction that deals with bite correction and alignment of dentition.

Implantology is a section of prosthetics, the essence of which lies in the installation of ceramic, metal or plastic structures in the jaw structure to restore dentition.

Prosthetic dentistry implies two main methods of treatment: prosthetics and dental restoration.
Dental restoration is a type of prosthetics, when a tooth defect is filled with orthopedic constructions to recreate the initial appearance of a tooth.

Prosthetics is a type restoration for the tooth that completely lost. It may vary in used materials and execution methods.
Prosthetic dentistry develops intensively, new materials and methods appears. Nowadays  dentures are made in such a way that neither the functions nor the appearance are undistinguishable from the patient's natural teeth.



Single crown  (porcelain-fused-to-metal crown)

From 74 $ 

Swaged crown

From 30 $ 

Single-molded crown

From 54 $ 

Plastic crown

From 32 $ 


Installation of orthodontic anchor (1 jaw)

From 197 $ 

Price for whole orthodontic anchor complex

From 985 $ 

Dental plates

From 34 $ 

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