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Treatment in Belarus » Neurology


Neurology is a branch of medicine which deals with the issues of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, studies the symptoms and mechanisms of their development, possible methods of diagnosis, treatment or prevention. The saying "Nerves are the root of all diseases" is not groundless. Often the intense rhythm of modern life and the  frequent stress undermine the health of each of usquietly, affecting the so-called autonomic nervous system. In Belarus, you can get a wide range of services in the field of neurology. Highly qualified doctors are always aware of the latest trends in neurology: new drugs, treatments and so forth.

The approximate cost of the medical services(for foreign citizens)

The consultation of a specialist

From 18$ 


From 10$ 


From 35$ 


From 10$ 

CT scan

From 46 $ 


From 95 $ 


From 100 $ 


From 120$


235$  - 1400$ 


100$ – 1245$

Medical care in a hospital

From 49 $/ per day,

From 180.41$/ per day  – In an intensive care unit

Note: The tariffs do not include the cost of medicines, medical products and other materials, which are paid by the customer in addition to the basis of calculation.

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Five-day visa-free regime to enter into force in Belarus on 12 February 2017

Five-day visa-free regime to enter into force in Belarus on 12 February 2017

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