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Today, more and more attention is paid to regenerative medicine. The rehabilitation is a complex of medical measures intended for compensation, the partial or complete recovery of the body's functions lost due to illness or injury. Rehabilitation on its own is a domesticinstrument, which excludes the dependence from the others, the restoration of social and the workinginitial status if possible.

Medical rehabilitation is important, but it’s not the only step in human adaptation to everyday life. There are also such types of rehabilitation as psychological, social and environmental, occupational rehabilitation. Rehabilitation funds include all forms of physical therapy, occupational therapy, massage, physiotherapy, environmental factors and the work on the psychological state of the patient.

The approximate cost of the medical services(for foreign citizens)

The course of the therapeutic treatments (physiotherapy, aerophytotherapy, therapeutic massage, mud baths, swimming pool, balneotherapy, medical examinations, etc.).

The cost of the permit for 12 days - $ 140/ 18 days - $ 210.

+the cost of accommodation from 40 USD / per day.

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Five-day visa-free regime to enter into force in Belarus on 12 February 2017

Five-day visa-free regime to enter into force in Belarus on 12 February 2017

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