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Speleotherapy is a method of treatment in the microclimate of salt caves and mines. A unique underground speleological clinic was opened in 1990, in Belarus, in 140 km from Minsk. Today the Republican hospital of a speleological treatment is included into the list of the leading clinics of the CIS where patients with diseases of respiratory organs can receive highly effective treatment in curative salt caves.

The unique microclimate at a depth of 420 meters underground, sated with a curative aerosol of ions of sodium, potassium and magnesium air, effective programs of speleological treatment at a high level – all this can be found in the well-known clinic. Treatment and rehabilitation is offered to the patients with bronchial asthma and such diagnoses as:

 • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

 • chronic bronchitis

 • vasomotor and allergic rhinitis

 • allergic diseases

Underground speleological treatment department is situated in a mine of potash deposit of the age of 300 million years. This is the only speleological clinic in the CIS, situated in a tunnel where ore mining is already finished and which is specially reequipped in a medical center.

It is unique for patients because of a rare combination of layers of red (sylvinite) and white (halite) salt, which is helpful to colliquation of begma, and has a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-allergic effect.

In a speleological clinic at a depth of 420 meters chambers (sleeping niches), medical staff offices, exercise therapy rooms, restrooms, Terrainkur for dosed walking are equipped.

The health-related effect of the speleological treatment is reached due to a special microclimate of the underground salt cave. The constant temperature (about 16 degrees) and humidity, optimum gas composition and saturation of air with negative ions is maintained here. Before getting to patients, the air passes through a special labyrinth (more than 2 km) and is purified from harmful impurity, microorganisms, allergens. Therefore air in the Soligorsk speleological clinic is purer, than in the ideal operating room. Besides, the zone is free from electromagnetic radiation.

Ground buildings of Republican hospital of speleological treatment are located in a pine forest on the bank of a water reservoir. There are offices of electrophototherapy, laser therapy, heattreatment, massage, stone therapy, the SPA therapy, machine cosmetology, a balneary, a room for Nauheim bath, a swimming pool, a sauna, a tanning bed, a phytobar.

Having completed a course of a speleological treatment, 97% of patients gain high therapeutic effect, 70% – steady remission from 6 months to 2,5 years. After repeated courses remission remains within 2,5-3 years, 32% of patients are checked out with considerable gain in health, 65% with general well-being mend.

Medical specialization.

• Bronchial asthma (all types: allergic, non-allergic, mixed), mild to moderate

course, controlled respiratory failure (RF) isn't higher than I degree.

• The chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, mild to moderate course, period of

remission, RF isn't higher than I degree.

 • Chronic bronchitis, period of remission, RF isn't higher than I degree.

 • Pollinosis (on the eve of a season of a recrudescence and during the recrudescence season).

 • Other allergic rhinitis.

 • Allergic urticaria fever.

 • A state after pneumonia.

Estimated cost of medical services (for foreign citizens) from $49 per day (a course of 10 days).

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Five-day visa-free regime to enter into force in Belarus on 12 February 2017

Five-day visa-free regime to enter into force in Belarus on 12 February 2017

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